Magic Igloo Maker


What is the Magic igloo Maker™?

The Magic Igloo Maker is a specially designed plastic mould that makes it easy to build a real igloo out of snow. And unlike every other method, our snow blocks WON'T FALL DOWN!


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How It Works

  • step 1: Pack It!
  • step 2: Stack It!
  • step 3: Repeat!
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Plastic Mould:

Dimensions: 8.5" High x 14.2" Wide x 13.0" Deep
(22cm High x 36cm Wide x 33cm Deep)
Material: HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
Weight: 944g or 2.1 lbs per mould

Igloo Size:

8 to 16 feet in diameter and 4 to 8 feet in height.
Can accommodate up to 8 sleeping adults.


A well built igloo can survive several months.

Usable Snow Types:

Almost any kind of snow can be used including; Corn,
Crust, Packed Powder, Packing Snow, and Snowdrift.

Build Time:

4 to 16 hours (generally), but it really depends on snow
conditions, number of workers, and the number of
Magic Igloo Maker moulds you have.

Igloo Strength:

A well-made igloo is strong enough to support
hundreds of pounds of weight on top.